Redemption-aah (🦬)

Mission: Sing the silenced truths of my community.

  • 'aah' spoken with Punjabi enunciation.
    • Imagine yelling 'Aman' from far away, you say 'Aman-aah'.

  • I produce, write, and record music.

  • I work by myself.
    • When the collective fails to recognize the importance of an individual, it must be met with the grit of one!

  • My avatar is an unshackled jhoota (an ox), painted in the image of a fierce dragon for emphasis and dramatization, motivated by Sidhu Moose Wala's personal identification with the undettering spirit of the animal!
    • Additionally, it's a personification of "Jamdoot Da Jhoota".

  • 🤟 = horns.
Artist photo.